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of PUR Crossin foam®


Choosing Crossin means choosing a modern product and professional implementation by Authorized Contractors recommended by the manufacturer.

Crossin products provide the highest insulation performance, and the spray application method ensures a tight insulation layer free of thermal bridges.

The combination of product quality and care in the contractor’s execution means comfort and savings over the life of the house. Crossin, is insulation that provides warmth in winter and pleasant coolness in summer.

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The key to effective insulation, is the correct use and processing of the product. Authorised Contractors guarantee implementation at the highest level.

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Wide application
in Construction

PUR foam spraying is a modern insulation system widely used in energy-efficient construction. It is used in both single and multi-family housing, as well as in industry and agriculture. Installation is extremely fast, and the method of application allows the elimination of thermal bridges.

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Attic insulation

Insulate effectively and economically. Choose innovative Crossin Attic Soft foam for your attic!

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Ceiling insulation

Optimal ceiling insulation is the key to savings and comfort. Crossin Attic Soft foam is the best choice!

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Wall insulation

Your walls can be warmer! Apply PUR Crossin Hard 36 foam and feel the difference every day!

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Floor insulation

Cold floor? Apply PUR Crossin Hard 40 foam and enjoy warmth underfoot all year round!

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Foundation insulation

Foundations are the foundation of any home. Protect them from cold and moisture with Crossin Hard 40 foam!

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Terrace insulation

Heat escapes not only through the walls and roof. By insulating your terrace with PUR Crossin Hard 40 foam, you increase the energy efficiency of your entire house!

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