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Flat roof insulation

Flat roof insulation
with PUR foam

A high quality product and professional implementation by an Authorised Contractor is a guarantee of top quality insulation.

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Product | Crossin Hard 50

closed-cell foam

Flat roof insulation

Product | Crossin Hard 50

closed-cell foam

Insulating a flat roof with PUR foam is one of the most effective methods of insulation to improve the thermal performance and supports the waterproofing of the roof, helping to protect against damp and weather. A properly selected insulation layer reduces heat loss from the building and protects it from overheating in summer. Even a small thickness of Pur foam protects against condensation under the roof slope.

The PUR foam insulation layer on a flat roof is lightweight, permanently bonding to the substrate to form a tight barrier without thermal bridges. One of the advantages of this technology is the thorough sealing of components such as chimneys, firewalls and ventilation infrastructure.

Depending on the requirements in the building to be insulated, the thickness of flat roof insulation used is 3-12 cm.

Insulating a flat roof with PUR foam requires a great deal of experience, so the choice of contractor should be determined mainly by their competence and not by price.

Why choose Crossin PUR foam flat roof insulation?

  • Seamless, continuous layer of insulation – free from thermal bridges
  • Outstanding insulating properties
  • Reduced thickness of the insulation layer
  • Adhesion to any surface
  • Short lead time
  • Durable and effective
  • Low weight
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The key to effective insulation, is the correct use and processing of the product. Authorised Contractors guarantee implementation at the highest level.

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Products used

Closed-cell PUR foam, Crossin Hard 50, is designed for insulating flat roofs. Crossin Hard 50 foam is only offered through Authorised Contractors. Crossin Hard 50 insulation is designed for exterior thermal insulation, large areas of flat and multi-pitched roofs by spraying. It is particularly suitable for insulating roofs on industrial, agricultural and farm buildings, as well as roofs on residential buildings.


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