Insulation for agriculture

Low-weight insulation
with PUR foam

Professional implementation by an Authorised Contractor and the use of a high quality product means effective insulation!

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Product | Crossin Hard 36

closed-cell foam

Agricultural insulation

Product | Crossin Hard 36

closed-cell foam

In agriculture, PUR foam is commonly used as insulation for barns, warehouses, as well as cold stores and storage facilities for fruit, vegetables and flowers. It is often used as insulation for a poultry house or barn.

Insulation with PUR foam offers numerous benefits, improving energy efficiency and providing protection against extreme weather, moisture and noise.

The polyurethane foam spraying method is ideal for insulating different types of buildings, regardless of their size. It results in effective protection against cold in winter and heat in summer, which significantly improves working and living comfort in the building. PUR foam spraying can be successfully applied to both roofs and walls of buildings.

It is ideal as anti-condensation insulation in roofs and sheet metal structures. Even a thin layer of PUR foam eliminates condensation, which significantly improves indoor conditions.

One of the key advantages of PUR foam insulation is its speed of execution, which minimises downtime and process interruptions, translating into business continuity and therefore savings.

Why choose PUR Crossin foam for agricultural facilities?

  • Seamless, continuous insulation layer – eliminating thermal bridges
  • Outstanding insulating properties
  • Can be used as anti-condensation insulation
  • Quick application method to reduce interruptions in the use of the facility
  • Stiffening and reinforcing the building structure
  • Adhesion to any surface
  • Low-weight insulation
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The key to effective insulation, is the correct use and processing of the product. Authorised Contractors guarantee implementation at the highest level.

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Products used

Closed-cell PUR foam, Crossin hard 36, is designed for insulating agricultural buildings. Crossin hard 36 foam is only offered through Authorised Contractors. Crossin Hard 36 insulation is designed for thermal and anti-condensation insulation of attic surfaces, walls and ceilings inside a building. Crossin Hard 36 foam can be used in the insulation and renovation of existing buildings and as insulation material in newly erected structures.


Crossin Hard 36

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Crossin Hard 36

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