Attics are an important part of our homes. We spend a lot of time in the bedrooms, studios and home offices located there. How can an attic be insulated effectively to ensure low heating costs in winter and pleasant coolness in summer?

A good choice of loft insulation, will protect against up to 30% heat loss. Good insulation also means that hot air is prevented from entering the house, thus increasing our living comfort.

One of the biggest enemies of effective insulation is thermal bridging.

Airtight pur foam insulation

Thermal bridges most often arise as a result of inadequate installation of insulation, or the choice of technology, the weaknesses of which will reveal themselves over time by creating these unwanted places in the building envelope. The more complex the roof structure, the more difficult it is to match the insulation material precisely. When deciding on the type of insulation, it is worth paying attention at the outset to which material provides insulation that is airtight and does not alter performance over time.

When making your choice, consider insulating with PUR spray foam, the Crossin Attic Soft system. The way Crossin polyurethane foam is applied provides a uniform, seamless surface filling every gap. Spray insulation technology, allows virtually 100% elimination of thermal bridges.

Insulating the attic without bridges

Insulation for the long term

The second aspect is to ensure that the insulation properties remain unchanged throughout the life of the house. The possible removal of defects related to the displacement of insulation material and the resulting thermal bridges is a difficult and costly process.

Spray-applied polyurethane foam permanently bonds to the substrate, and does not slip or move during the life of the house. Over the years, the insulating properties of pur foam also do not change.

Authorised foam insulation contractor

Insulating the attic with PUR foam

The key to successful insulation is choosing the right specialist. The contractor must have knowledge of how the insulation material is used and how it is processed.

When looking for a contractor, it is worth looking at companies that are certified, preferably working closely with the manufacturer.This is the case with Crossin Authorised Contractors, who are constantly trained and monitored for quality by the manufacturer.

Before making a decision, it is also worth consulting a contractor.Advice from an experienced adviser can avoid mistakes and make real savings.