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Floor insulation

Floor insulation
with PUR foam

A high quality product and professional implementation by an Authorised Contractor is a guarantee of top quality insulation.

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Product | Crossin Hard 40

closed-cell foam

Floor insulation

Product | Crossin Hard 40

closed-cell foam

Insulation of floors with Crossin PUR foam is carried out by Authorised Contractors, certified by the manufacturer. Crossin contractors guarantee professional application and product processing in accordance with the technical sheet.

PUR foam floor insulation is a modern insulation method that is increasingly used in modern construction. The floor insulation layer is airtight, without thermal bridges, and resistant to moisture. The material’s excellent insulation parameters allow the thickness of the insulation layer to be halved compared to traditionally used materials.

The insulating layer of PUR foam flooring tightly covers all installations and pipes. It is an insulating material perfect for use with underfloor heating.

Why choose attic insulation with PUR Crossin foam?

  • Excellent insulation with low thickness
  • Elimination of floor settlement due to high compression resistance
  • High air-tightness without thermal bridges
  • Very low water absorption
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The key to effective insulation, is the correct use and processing of the product. Authorised Contractors guarantee implementation at the highest level.

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Products used

Closed-cell PUR foam, Crossin Hard 40, is designed for floor insulation. Crossin Hard 40 foam is designed for thermal upgrading of floors (including non-basement and ground-embedded), floors and foundations in various building structures. It is particularly recommended for insulating surfaces that require increased resistance to external loads. The product is successfully used in residential construction, especially in single and multi-family buildings and apartment blocks.


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