When choosing a material for construction, we are usually guided by its performance and price. But do we always pay attention to the origin of the product and its marketing authorisation? Proper documentation confirming the safety and quality of the product is the basis for a good choice.

When building a house, we look for the best materials. These include those that we can change over time, such as flooring or tiling, and those that we don’t replace at all or would cost a huge amount to replace. These include insulation of foundations, walls or the attic. So what should you consider when making a decision?

CE marking

CE marking indicates whether a product has been tested and found to comply with EU safety, health and environmental requirements. The marking is required for products manufactured worldwide and which will be sold in the EU. In the construction industry, it means that the product complies with so-called harmonised standards, i.e. standards that define the performance characteristics of a product.

When buying a product for construction, it is therefore important to check whether it has a CE mark and a declaration of performance.

Documentation in the field of polyurethane insulation

When choosing pur spray foam for insulation, as with other building products, it is important to ask the contractor for a declaration of performance, confirming its parameters and CE conformity. There are many companies offering foam insulation on the market, but not all use certified products. Often, the price of workmanship is due to the use of cheaper systems and, of course, less experience and therefore quality of workmanship. Therefore, do not be afraid to ask the contractor about product documentation and their knowledge and experience.

Professional contractors

Professional and responsible contractors only use materials that are approved and have the appropriate documentation. Crossin Authorised Contractors use products that have been tested and have all the necessary documentation, such as a declaration of conformity or hygiene certificate.