When building and modernising their own home, everyone expects the interior to always be dry and warm and the operating bills to be as low as possible, despite the years. Hence, one of the key choices concerns the right insulation material.

Future users, as well as architects, designers and investors of any energy-efficient building, attach great importance to insulation. Even minimal inadequacies in insulation can be responsible for considerable heat loss. Incorrect installation and displacement of insulation material can cause numerous thermal bridges to form, and insulation material that easily absorbs moisture loses its heat-conducting properties more quickly.

Any mistakes made in the installation of insulation do not become apparent immediately, but only several years after the investment has been completed. Choosing the right and best-quality insulation materials and technologies is therefore crucial if we want to enjoy the warmth in our home for years to come.

Among the solutions available on the market for the most effective insulation are Crossin Insulations® polyurethane (PUR) insulation systems, i.e. insulating spray foams.

Advantages of PUR foam

The unquestionable advantages of PUR foam spray insulation are the application method. This modern and fast technology guarantees seamless insulation, even in the case of very complex constructions, effectively eliminating the appearance of possible thermal bridges responsible for numerous heat losses.

Crossin® Attic Soft foam application video.

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Due to its comparatively low density and thus low weight, polyurethane spray foam insulation does not weigh down a building’s structure, while its excellent adhesion guarantees a permanent bond to the insulated surface. When comparing the parameters of the products available on the market, it can be seen that Crossin® polyurethane foam has the lowest water absorption rate on the market. As a result, despite the passage of years and changing conditions, the insulation retains its original thermal insulation and sound absorption properties.

When building a home that is to serve us for many years to come, we want the living conditions to be conducive to our health. Crossin® polyurethane foams have been tested for the absence of fungal and mould growth on the surface of the insulation material. When we consider that these surfaces will be encapsulated and therefore invisible for years to come, the fact that these spaces will be kept free of bacteria seems very important. In addition, the system protects the insulated spaces from rodents.

Foam insulation costs

Despite the numerous advantages, it is extremely important that the total cost of such insulation, when calculated, is still quite comparable to alternative technologies, and sometimes even lower, especially when insulation requires a limited amount of material due to weight or available space.

Good insulation performance

Before deciding to insulate a new or modernised house, it is therefore worth thinking carefully about the choice of technology, material and contractor. A good solution is to take advantage of the possibility of a free valuation and consultation regarding the investment being carried out.