Spray foams can have different structures. There are foams with closed-cell structure (otherwise rigid foam, hard foam) and pur foams with open-cell structure (otherwise semi-rigid foam, soft foam). With the structure of the foam is strongly related to the density. The more closed cells, the higher the density of the material. The structure has a significant impact on the application of the foam.

Open-cell pur foams are used in single-family housing, for insulating attics, ceilings, walls. They are excellent as insulation in frame houses.

Closed-cell foams are used for insulating warehouses, industrial buildings, agricultural buildings, halls and flat roofs.

In single-family housing, closed-cell foams are used as foundation insulation and floor insulation.

(according to EN 14315-1)

Class CCC1: < 20%
Class CCC2: Od 10% do 80%
Class CCC3: > 80% do 89%
Class CCC4: ≥ 90%