Spray insulation has been used for many years in residential construction, which is protected by increasingly stringent building codes. Therefore, the PU spray foam systems we offer have been thoroughly tested and inspected beforehand. In addition, they have all the necessary tests, approvals and certificates. Also, our laboratory constantly controls the quality and safety of the raw materials used and finished products. Spray insulations are even advisable for use in rooms where allergy sufferers will reside.

Crossin foam is tested for the development of mold o fungi. The test confirmed the absence of mold and fungus development on Crossin pur foam.

Polyurethane foams surround us in everyday life. Polyurethane foams are the filling of mattresses, most furniture seats, seats and dashboards in cars, the filling of refrigerators.

The above examples can be multiplied, confirming the health safety of using polyurethane foams.