Whether something is expensive or not is a very relative concept. However, comparing it with other types of insulation, it seems that polyurethane foam insulation is not expensive. The average price of insulation, depending on the thickness, is in the range of 45-70 PLN/m2. If you choose another good insulation material (not from a promotion at a home improvement store) and add the workmanship of a good installation team, you will often find that the price of spraying polyurethane foam is comparable or even lower.

Also note that the price quoted by authorized Crossin contractors is final. It includes the price of material and labor, and the contractor is left with a cleaned room and good insulation. Taking into account the cost, the execution time is also not insignificant, which usually closes in one day, giving the opportunity to continue further finishing work.

It is worthwhile to schedule a free consultation and quote with a Crossin Authorized Contractor.