The installation of thermal and damp insulation in the attic is one of the most important stages in the construction of a house. Improper insulation work can cause up to 30% heat loss from the building in the future. So which technology will be best?

When building a house from scratch, or when modernising or renovating an already-built house, special attention is paid to the aspect of energy efficiency and overall living comfort. For this reason, a goal in itself for anyone embarking on the building adventure is to guarantee a warm home in winter and a pleasantly cool one in summer.

Material combining modern technology

When looking for effective insulation materials, it is worth familiarising yourself with modern and at the same time already proven technologies. In addition to the widely used mineral wool, polyurethane (PU or PUR) spray foam is gaining in popularity as one of the most effective insulation materials.

Among the solutions of this type available on the market, Crossin Insulations® systems stand out. Crossin® spray foams have virtually all the features required of modern insulation materials. In addition, they have some of the best thermal insulation characteristics.

Thermal bridges – the enemy in winter and summer

Thermal bridges are unwanted places in the building envelope through which the building loses heat in winter as a result of incorrectly installed insulation material. In summer, on the other hand, heat from outside enters the building through such gaps in the insulation.

When installing insulation material, there are generally two types of thermal bridges, i.e. point and line bridges. For this reason, when deciding which installation technology to choose, it is important to pay attention to which one can minimise the number of gaps in the insulation layer. A huge advantage of Crossin® spray polyurethane foams over other insulation solutions is the innovative application method. This ensures that no matter how complex the surface, a seamless (jointless) insulation layer is achieved that is virtually free of thermal bridges.

The passage of time – acting to the detriment of the home an enemy more aggressive with each season

When building or retrofitting a house, it is expected that the initial insulation properties will remain constant for many years to come. Traditional insulation materials, which have been used for years, tend to slip over time. As a result, the thermal bridges described earlier appear. In addition, these materials are more vulnerable to the intrusion of rodents, which are happy to nest in them, further degrading them. Spray insulation foams on a polyurethane basis from the Crossin® brand permanently bond to the substrate during application. As a result, the insulation layer does not slip or move over time.

In addition, the polyurethane insulation does not lose its declared insulating properties in accordance with EN-PN 14315-1 (concerning thermal insulation products for buildings – polyurethane (PUR) rigid foam and polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam spray-formed in situ – part 1: rigid foam spray-formed system specification before application).

These are extremely important advantages of the material and the installation (application) technology, as the possible removal of defects associated with displacement or degradation of the insulation material is a technically difficult, quite time-consuming and certainly expensive process. Well-made PUR foam insulation also becomes an unfriendly and unloved environment for rodents.

In addition, Crossin® spray insulation is based on Bio Defence TechnologyTM, which prevents the growth of fungi, lichens and moulds on the surface and inside the material. Thus, the use of such insulation reduces the amount of possible allergens in the air to a minimum, which is sometimes crucial for people with allergies. When considering the fact that these surfaces will be built-in and thus inaccessible for years, it is important to be sure to keep these spaces free of various micro-organisms.

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Workmanship – the key to insulation quality and durability

Even the best material improperly installed will not meet the intended requirements. In the case of insulation made with spray polyurethane foams, in order to achieve the parameters specified in the technical data sheet, the product must be properly processed, and that means in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. There are many companies on the market dealing with this type of activity, but not all have the necessary knowledge and experience. When deciding on a company to install insulation (this does not only apply to spray insulation contractors), it is worth asking about the experience they have and documented, as well as the type of equipment used, and finally do not limit your decision to price alone.

The manufacturer of Crossin® insulation works with contractors who have undergone a series of training courses and are constantly monitored for quality.It is important to remember that any mistakes made during the installation of insulation do not reveal themselves immediately, but only after several years after the completion of the investment.When making a decision, it is worth betting on a proven material and entrusting its application to a specialist recommended by the manufacturer.